The Fight 4 Diabetes Cure golf tournament directly benefits four organizations whose mission is to find a cure for diabetes and help those currently afflicted by this disease. Scroll down to learn more about these important organizations.

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We are extremely grateful for all of the support from Fight 4 Diabetes Cure. We rely on donations to operate and the support from Fight 4 Diabetes Cure has been critical in allowing us to successfully serve children with diabetes at camp. Again, thank you!!

Courtney Gross
Executive Director
Camp Possibilities

  • About 35-40% of campers receive financial assistance.
  • The cost to families that can pay is $1,200 and financial assistance is awarded on a sliding scale.
  • Every $1,200 we raise sends another child to camp!

For more information, visit Camp Possibilities

Adventist Health Care Shady Grove Medical Center

Our partnership with Fight 4 Diabetes Cure is crucial in offering the services around patient education. Fight 4 Diabetes Cure really helped us to expand our (diabetes) program and to meet the diverse needs in our community as well as newer frontiers of diabetic education where we are experimenting with genetics and personalized medicine…it has been a great partnership

Dan Cochran
Adventist HealthCare Shady Grove Medical Center

Our funds are applied to programs and equipment that improve lives of people living with Diabetes:

  • $39,000 was dedicated to support a Dietitian working with Diabetes Program participants to improve their health through better nutrition
  • $3,900 is used to support continuing education for Diabetes Program nurses who work one-on-one counseling diabetes patients. (fully funded by Fight4Diabetes Cure)
  • $10,000 is the cost of a bone density screening machine, used at Diabetes Program events to monitor bone density loss, a side effect of Type 1 diabetes.(fully funded by Fight4Diabetes Cure)
  • $400 buys pedometers and exercise bands for Diabetes Program participants to encourage and support healthy activity. (fully funded by Fight4Diabetes Cure)

For more information, visit Shady Grove


Fight 4 Diabetes Cure has partnered with JDRF for over ten years. In that time, F4DC has raised $325,000 to support JDRF’s fight against Type 1 Diabetes, improving lives and bringing us one step closer to a cure for T1D. Thank you, F4DC!

Jaclyn Toll Basse
Executive Director
JDRF Mid-Atlantic Chapter

  • JDRF is the leading global organization funding type 1 diabetes (T1D) research and approximately 80% of our expenditures directly support T1D research and research-related education.
  • We have committed over $2B in research funding since 1970 and is driven by passionate, grassroots volunteers connected to children, adolescents, and adults with this disease.
  • We are currently funding over 70 human clinical trials of potential type 1 diabetes therapies.

For more information, visit JDRF

American Diabetes Research Foundation

Sharon Keating
Director of Development
National Capital Area

  • Our vision is to ensure the availability of financial resources necessary for the full exploration of all the scientific possibilities that will improve the lives of all people with diabetes, while moving us closer toward a cure.
  • Investigator-driven submissions identify emerging and rapidly-advancing areas of science, and our independent peer-review process, performed by leading diabetes scientists, ensures grant support of the best research.
  • The studies in our portfolio include basic laboratory science, and research carried out in clinical and community settings.

For more information, visit American Diabetes Research Foundation